Sector Working Groups

The United Nations works together with other actors to optimize the sectoral response

There are six UN agencies in the DPR Korea and six international NGOs (EUPS Units), in addition to IFRC and ICRC, bilateral government missions, as well as non-resident UN agencies and NGOs. While the Government counterpart for UN agencies is the National Coordination Committee (NCC), the EUPS units and SDC work through the Korean European Cooperation Coordination Agency (KECCA). Nonetheless, UN agencies, EUPS Units and other partners including IFRC, ICRC and bilateral donors with an operational presence participate in weekly coordination meetings and in regular Sector Working Groups (SWGs).

Sector Working Groups ensure operational coordination at the intra-sector level. They provide a platform for those active in the sector to engage in joint needs assessments and analysis, share information, coordinate sectoral interventions and communicate sector knowledge. The SWGs also support the HCT to ensure adequate preparedness and contingency planning for sectoral support in an emergency.